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Not only does Andy have extensive background in all aspects of Home and Building structure having worked for Zerodraft in the capacity of Top salesman, Director of sales and marketing, and General manager.
  He also worked for the United States Postal System for 20 years. Andy and his family reside in Manlius, New York.  As a community leader with a passion for health and fitness, Andy has successfully helped build Junior Olympic Club organizations in the sport of volleyball. He has helped build many volleyball leagues at the local YMCA, as well as Bridge Street Tavern and Sharkey’s Sports Bar.  He continues to coach women’s volleyball at the collegiate level.

Andy has trained extensively for years in the classroom, onsite and continues to attend conferences keeping up with the growing industry. His trained eye and attention to detail along with his easy to understand explanation of your home ensures you, the customer, will be served by an experienced, knowledgeable and well rounded inspector.

 In addition to performing your certified home inspection, Andy is qualified in many other areas needing testing, such as: Home Radon Testing, Pest inspection, Septic dye, Well Flow, Mold, Water Purity, and Energy Audits.

Andy is a member of the GSAR which gives him the opportunity to network with Real Estate Agents as well as have access to the Supra Key, making it convenient for agents to work with him. 


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